County Rules of members of the WBKA

These County Rules for members of Wiltshire Beekeepers Association (WBKA) contain further regulations private to WBKA for the proper conduct and management of the Association.

It should be noted that these County Rules can only be changed by a simple majority of votes cast at a general meeting of the members of the CIO (AGM or SGM) [clause 26 of the Constitution] and not by the Trustees at a trustees’ meeting. This does not stop members or trustees making suggestions for changes to the trustees from time to time.

County Rules of Wiltshire Beekeepers Association to be read in conjunction with its Constitution dated 26 April 2022 and any subsequent amendments and adopted by resolution at the Special General Meeting held on the 8 March 2022.

Code of conduct Rules

  1. Members are expected to respect all other members regardless of age, race, gender, colour, creed or disability for example and behave courteously towards them at all times. [See clause 9(4)of the Constitution for the procedure for removal of a member.]
  2. Members are expected to behave courteously to members of the public at all times and not bring Wiltshire Beekeepers Association (WBKA) into disrepute.
  3. Members are expected to respect all laws relating to wild life and to care for the environment in their practice of beekeeping.
  4. Members will adhere to all WBKA Policies contained in the Trustees Handbook and any subsequent Policies approved by the Trustees and the members in general meeting.

Financial Rules

  1. Branches will record information relating to new, existing and retiring members and provide to WBKA’s membership secretary or other allocated post holder on demand such information to enable suitable records of the membership to be kept in accordance with data protection legislation and BBKA requirements.
  2. Branches will properly bank and account to their members for all sums paid and received by them and provide to WBKA’s treasurer on request copies of those accounts in accordance with Section 3 of the Trustees Handbook.
  3. A Branch’s money including its reserves will continue to be an integral part of WBKA provided that such money cannot benefit members of other branches unless:
    1. the branch ceases to be represented at trustee meetings as specified in the Constitution or
    2. written consent is given by the branch committee or
    3. The branch is in breach of the WBKA’s objects and/or charity law
  4. Subject to the information provided under Rule 6, WBKA and its branches may accumulate a reasonable reserve of funds in accordance with WBKA’s Reserve Policy.
  5. Any member’s Gift Aid claim received by WBKA will be paid to that member’s branch.
  6. Members and Trustees are permitted to be paid reasonable expenses properly incurred when acting on behalf of WBKA as approved by the Executive Management Board in accordance with Section 3 of the Trustees Handbook.
  7. Members are required to pay their annual subscription fees within three months of them becoming due.

Non-voting members

  1. In addition to voting members branches may create:
    1. Under age members called “Junior” members who may participate in branch activities but shall have no vote at any WBKA or branch meeting, and
    2. Non-voting members called “Local” (previously known as “Associates”) who may participate in branch activities but shall have no vote at any WBKA or branch meeting.

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