Wiltshire Bee & Honey Day 2021 – Speaker Biogs

Ken Basterfield 

Ken started keeping bees as a hobby in 1974. By the 1980s he was keeping 100 colonies and he brought in his wife Maureen and son Daniel to help keep local health shops, tourist attractions and farm shops supplied with honey, while winning many prestigious prizes at the Devon county show.

Ken was an active member of the Plymouth and Devon Beekeeping Association, and has written and spoken extensively about beekeeping. This culminated in being awarded a National Diploma in Beekeeping, the highest UK beekeeping qualification.

During the 1990s when Daniel went to university, Ken and Maureen continued with their careers and beekeeping took a back seat. However, in 2004 Daniel became disillusioned with his IT career and working in an office and decided to return to take up the reins of his father’s hobby. Daniel and Ken now manage over 400 colonies, producing high quality honey and hive products.

Marin Anastasov, NDB

Marin started beekeeping in his teens and developed his initial beekeeping knowledge and skills while studying towards BSc in Animal Science in Bulgaria. Later, he completed an MSc in Organic Farming at Aberdeen University. He is passionate about sustainable food production and his entire working career has been in organic food and farming. Marin is a Master Beekeeper and gained his NDB in 2017. He currently manages 30 colonies in Gloucestershire. Marin is Trustee of Gloucestershire Beekeepers Association and serves on the BBKA Examinations Board. He is an assessor for the Basic, General Husbandry and Advanced Husbandry certificates and has contributed to the development and running of the General Husbandry and Advanced Husbandry training programmes for the BBKA. Marin is co-author and led the implementation of the BBKA Certificate in Honey Bee Breeding, including providing the training and support to both future candidates and assessors.

Guy Parker

Dr. Guy Parker is the UK’s leading ecologist specialising in research in the field of biodiversity management within solar farms. Guy oversees the implementation of the ecological management plans at all the Eden Renewables solar farms and their ongoing monitoring. He also wrote the BRE National Solar Centre’s Biodiversity Guidance for Solar Developments and has contributed to many research papers on the natural capital value of solar farms. Guy has also pioneered the use of solar beehives on some community solar farms.

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