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Note: Any reference to gender title does not relate to any specific gender

1. Name. The name of the Association, hereinafter called “The Association”, is the Wiltshire Beekeepers Association, which is an Area Association Member of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA). 

This Constitution shall in no way conflict with the Constitution of the BBKA.

2. Objects. To further and promote the craft of beekeeping, to advance the education of the public in the importance of bees in the environment and to represent the interests of members at national level.

3. Branches
3.1. The Association shall comprise such Branches as may be approved by Council. 

3.2. Members of the Association must have fully paid the relevant County Capitation and BBKA fees 

3.3. A Branch may have its own rules but no rule shall contravene the Constitution of the Association. 

3.4. Subscription shall be levied by each Branch at a rate decided by their members, and shall include the capitation fees payable to the Association and the BBKA. 

3.5. In the event of a Branch ceasing to function or wishing to close, the balance of the local Branch monies shall be remitted by the responsible officer, to the Treasurer of the Association who shall take, if appropriate, any unpaid capitation fees and retain the residue in trust for that Branch for 5 years after which time it shall become the property of the Association. 

3.6. As requested by WBKA Membership Officer, Branches will provide the names and addresses of its members for inclusion or change for all Membership categories on the BBKA Membership List. Branches must provide updates of any subsequent changes in membership names and details to WBKA

4. Council

A. Membership of Council 

4.1. The management of the Association shall be vested in the Council, which shall consist of the President (if elected), Chair, Vice-Chair, General Secretary, Treasurer, and from each Branch the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer (if any of these post holders are not available then a Branch can nominate another Committee member to attend Council in their stead) and up to three other members of the Branch. Each of the foregoing names is to be a Registered or Partner Member, or capitation paying member of WBKA

4.2. The Council may co-opt up to a total of 4 other persons who shall not have voting rights.

B. Elections to Council 

4.3. At the first meeting after the AGM the Council shall elect from members of the Association (i) The Chair, Vice-Chair, General Secretary, and Treasurer, who shall become ex-officio members of the Council. (ii) The Council will appoint, as appropriate, an Editor of the Honeybee Times or other Association publications, a Training and Education Officer, a Membership Secretary and Spray Liaison Officer who shall be responsible to the Council – plus any other post holder that Council sees fit. All such elected posts and roles should be nominated and seconded by a member of Council

4.4.The President and Vice Presidents may attend Council meetings and speak but they do not have a vote in that role.

4.5. The Chair shall be elected for a period of 1 year and can serve for a total period of 3 consecutive years – after which there must be a 2 year gap before the individual can be proposed for re-election for the post of Chair. If no-one is proposed as Chair, then Council will choose one person from The President and the Vice Presidents to act as Chair for a period of up to 1 year

C. Management and Operation of Council 

4.6. Not less than 4 meetings shall be held each year, with not more than 4 months between any two meetings.

4.7. A quorum shall consist of ten members (as defined in 4.1) that must include at least any 2 post holders selected from the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

4.8. The General Secretary shall convene each meeting of the Council after consulting the Chair on the contents of the agenda. The General Secretary shall send, to all Council members; minutes of the previous meeting, the forthcoming meeting agenda and related papers; at least 14 days before the meeting. The General Secretary shall cause proper minutes to be taken of the proceedings. 

4.9. Council meetings will be chaired by the Chair or, in their absence, the Vice Chair 

4.10. If neither the Chair nor the Vice Chair are present at the time that a meeting of the Council is due to commence, the Council will elect a Chair for that meeting.

4.11. The Chair will follow the Agenda. The order of items on the Agenda may only be changed at the meeting if Council votes in favour of such a change.

4.12. The Chair may curtail any discussion or presentation. 

4.13. If the Chair believes that a decision is required before a Council or Special Meeting can be convened, the Chair can act, following due consultation with Council Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and each Branch Committee, if available. Any such decision must be brought before the next Council meeting

4.14. Apart from the Council Members defined in 4.1, any fully paid up registered member or partner member of a WBKA Branch can attend Council Meetings who may speak, if permitted by the Chair to do so, but may not vote.

4.15. At the beginning of every Council meeting each branch will declare the names of its delegates who are authorised to vote at the meeting under the terms of 4.1 above.

4.16. At any meeting of the Council a simple majority of Councillors present and voting shall be sufficient to carry or defeat a motion, except motions having reference to Clause 5 (Expulsion), which shall not be carried unless two-thirds of the Councillors present and voting shall be in favour, and for this purpose a quorum shall consist of half of the Council (as defined in 4.1) that must include 2 members from Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

4.17. By invitation of the Chair of the Council any person, whether or not they are a member of the Association, may attend any meeting of the Council or any Committee of the Council. That person may speak at the meeting but they cannot vote.

4.18. Council shall determine and approve who shall be entitled to sign cheques (there being a minimum of 2 signatories from a minimum choice of 3 Council Members). In the case of Electronic Banking, the Treasurer is the only accredited electric signatory, but WBKA Secretary and Chair to have authority to view the account on line. At each Council meeting the Treasurer will present, for inspection, an up to date printed Bank Account or Statement. All banking passwords and protocols are to be changed when the Treasurer leaves office. 

4.19. The Council may form sub committees to investigate a specific topic with clearly defined terms of reference. Such a Committee must include members of Council and the Committee can co-opt any WBKA members, inviting any other person to provide advice. Such a Committee must report back to Council at each meeting, both as an update and for a final decision. 

5. Expulsion

5.1. The Council shall have the power to expel from the Association any member whose conduct it considers injurious to the welfare of the Association. Any member accused of such conduct has the right to present papers 14 days before the meeting at which their expulsion is to be formally proposed and voted upon and speak for a maximum of 15 minutes at such a meeting 

5.2. Expulsion will mean that the individual will receive none of the benefits of membership and has no right to attend Association meetings or activities,

5.3. An individual who has been expelled from the Association can appeal to Council, to have the expulsion set aside 

6. Capitation Fees. The Association capitation for the next 12 months shall be set by a vote at a Council meeting before 1st August.

7. Correspondence and Publications

7.1. The General Secretary shall circulate all significant and relevant correspondence to Branch Secretaries.

7.2.The Constitution shall be published annually both on the web site and as part of the documentation sent to branches for AGM 

8. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

8.1. The General Secretary shall give at least 21 days notice of the Annual General Meeting to the Branch Secretaries providing them with an electronic copy of the Agenda. Branch Secretaries will ensure that their membership receives relevant documents including the Agenda not less than 14 days before the meeting. 

8.2. The Annual General Meeting, chaired by the President or Chair, shall be held early in each administrative year, which shall run from 1st October to 30 September next, at such time and place as the Council shall decide, to: 

(1) Lay before the meeting a report of the year’s proceedings and a statement of accounts certified by the Auditor(s), for adoption or otherwise.

(2) Consider any resolutions(s) submitted under clause 8.7 below

(3) Consider and, if appropriate, elect a President and one or more Vice-Presidents. 

(4) Appoint the Auditor(s) of the Association for the ensuing year

8.3.The AGM Quorum is 10 WBKA members and must include at least any 2 from the President, Chair, Vice Chair, General Secretary or Treasurer.

8.4.The President shall be elected at the AGM to serve a 5 year term but may be proposed for re-election at the end of that period.

8.5. One or more Vice Presidents may be elected at an AGM. The number of Vice Presidents is not limited and they serve for a 5 year period and can be proposed for re-election.

8.6. If the number attending is less than the quorum noted in 8.3 another Annual General Meeting will be called within a month in accordance with 8.1.

8.7. The Council may place resolutions on the agenda to be considered at the Annual General Meeting. Branches may also submit resolutions provided that the General Secretary receives written notice of the resolution showing the names of the proposer and seconder at least 28 days before the date of the AGM.

9. Special General Meeting (SGM)

9.1. A Special General Meeting shall be called within 30 days of the receipt by the General Secretary of a requisition signed by 15 members of the Association, or a vote by Council, setting out the resolution(s) to be proposed to the meeting. 

9.2. The Special General Meeting will be chaired by the President or one of the Vice Presidents, or the meeting can elect the Chair for that meeting 

9.3. The SGM Quorum is 10 WBKA members and must include at least any 2 from the President, Chair, Vice Chair, General Secretary or Treasurer.

9.4. No business other than that specified in the resolution(s) shall be transacted, the agenda being announced at the time of giving notice of the meeting. 

9.5. The General Secretary shall give at least 21 days notice of any Special General Meeting to the Branch Secretaries providing them with an electronic copy of the Agenda. Branch Secretaries will ensure that their membership receives relevant documents and Agenda not less than 14 days before the meeting. 

10. Alterations

10.1 Any change to this Constitution shall require the consent at a Special General Meeting, or Annual General Meeting 

10.2 The arrangements for such meetings are defined in sections 8 and 9. 

11. Dissolution or Amalgamation

11.1. A resolution to dissolve the Association or to amalgamate it with any other Association or body may only be made at a Special or Annual General Meeting (please refer to section 8 or 9) and to effect a dissolution or amalgamation at least two-thirds of the members present and voting at the meeting shall vote in favour of the resolution.

11.2. In the event of the dissolution of the Association, the residual funds of the Association shall be offered to the British Beekeepers Association to be held on trust for a period of ten years, after which time they shall become the property of the British Beekeepers Association.

Ratified at WBKA AGM on 11 October 2014 at Bowerhill Village Hall, Halifax Road, Bowerhill, Melksham. SN12 6QN 

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