Honeybee swarm removal


Honeybees are small and vary in colour from golden brown to almost black. If you don’t think they are honey bees, click here for advice. For local swarm collectors, see below. You can also find the swarm collector nearest to your postcode via this link: www.bbka.org.uk/swarm

Please try and have the following information to hand when you call, it will make the situation much easier to assess.

  • Location of the swarm (i.e. in a tree, on a fence, side of house, etc…).
  • Approximate distance from the swarm to the ground.
  • Size of the swarm (i.e. a tennis ball, football, bulging shopping bag, etc…).
  • The time and day when you first noticed the swarm and an estimate of the time it has been there.
  • The address of the swarm. If it is not on your property, please provide the contact information of the owner, if possible.
  • A telephone number for a contact person, if subsequent calls are appropriate.

I don’t think they are honeybees, what should I do?

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