Ongoing Education and Training

The Wiltshire Beekeepers Association (WBKA) branches all run a variety of beekeeping courses from time to time. The WBKA also delivers beekeeping courses in its own right.

Courses for the public or beginners 

See Starting out

Basic Beekeeping Certificate Study Group

The Study Group meets during winter months to help established beekeepers (who have kept bees for at least 12 months) prepare for the BBKA Certificate in Basic Beekeeping. All beekeepers are encouraged to gain this certificate.

Microscopy Group

Microscopy is a useful, interesting and fun skill for beekeepers. It teaches members to identify acarine and nosema diseases, examine of bee anatomy and identify pollens. The group meets once a month on Sunday mornings at Rowde. One of the aims of the group is to provide support to those preparing for the BBKA Microscopy Certificate.

BBKA Module Support Group

To book a place on any of the courses or for further details, contact Richard Oliver
T: 01380 812368

BBKA Modules

Beekeepers are encouraged to pursue further study through a series of modules in preparation for the the BBKA Intermediate and Advanced Certificates. Training sessions take place from November and any beekeeper is welcome to attend. Exams take place in March and November, although some beekeepers choose not take the exams. 

  • Module 1: Honey Bee Management
  • Module 2: Honey Bee Products & Forage
  • Module 3: Pest, Diseases & Poisoning
  • Module 4 withdrawn
  • Module 5: Honey Bee Biology
  • Module 6: Honey Bee Behaviour
  • Module 7: Selection & Breeding of Honey Bees
  • Module 8 Honey Bee Management, Health & History

Practical exams include the following:

  • Junior Certificate
  • General husbandry
  • Advance Husband
  • Bee Health Certificate
  • Bee Breeding Certificate

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