Wiltshire Bee & Honey Day 2021

Saturday, 9 October 2021 – 10am to 4pm

A fantastic day out for people thinking about taking up beekeeping, as well as old hands who want to learn a whole lot more. Incorporates the County Honey Show.

at The Devizes Corn Exchange, Market Place, Devizes SN10 1HS.

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2021 Activities

  • Talks on how bees think, beekeeping techniques and how to get started in beekeeping
  • The annual county honey show with open art classes for the kids – see downloads below
  • Candle rolling – perfect for Christmas presents
  • Explore inside a virtual hive
  • Honey beer tasting courtesy of Wadworth brewery
  • Mead tasting
  • Exhibitors offering bee related food, drinks, gifts and products as well as beekeeping kit.


2021 Talks

  • 10.00 Tools and techniques for making beekeeping easierKen Basterfield. A talk about the many techniques that Ken has developed or adopted and the things he has made over 40 years of beekeeping to help with the heavy work of managing bees more efficiently.
  • 11.15 The mind of the honey bee Marin Anastasov, NDB. The mind is a set of cognitive faculties including consciousness, perception, thinking, judgement, memory and emotions. In this talk we will look at what information about their environment do the bees need so they can orient in space and be efficient nectar and pollen gatherers? Can they experience and express false memories, abstract concept, categorisation and numericity like us humans? What are the different types of learning applicable to the honey bee and how bees gain and share information? Are some bees better than others when it comes to learning and retaining information; are the queens as good learners as the workers? And finally, what are the factors that influence learning?
  • 12.15 Safeguarding future landscapesGuy Parker, Eden Renewables. Guy looks at biodiversity around solar farms and demonstrates that there is a place for technology in nature. He also looks at solar beehives and shows how they may help beekeepers reduce varroa loads.
  • 12.45 So you want to keep bees? An introduction to beekeeping as a hobbyRichard Oliver. This talk is aimed at people who are considering taking up the hobby – what is involved in becoming a beekeeper, essential kit and what you need to know to get going.
  • 13.45 Reading beesKen Basterfield. Do people really know what to look for when inspecting their bees? Seeing whether there are swarm cells in the hive isn’t enough to tell you how the bees are faring, what they might do next, or how to respond to their needs. This talk will help beekeepers new and old to really ‘see’ what their bees are telling them.

Speaker Biogs here

2021 Timings

  • 8.00 Doors open for exhibitors
  • 10.00 Show opens
  • 10.00-11.00 TALK Tools and techniques for making beekeeping easier Ken Basterfield
  • 11.15-12.15 TALK The mind of the honey bee Marin Anastasov, NDB
  • 12.15-12.45 TALK Safeguarding future landscapesGuy Parker, Eden Renewables
  • 12.45-13.15 TALK So you want to keep bees? An introduction to beekeeping as a hobbyRichard Oliver
  • 13.45-14.45 TALK Reading bees Ken Basterfield
  • 15.00-15.15 Prize giving and certificates on the stage
  • 14.45-16.00 Open viewing
  • 16.00 Show closes

2021 Show sponsors

Eden Renewables

Based near Marlborough, Eden Renewables is developing solar farms in Wiltshire and throughout the UK with a positive impact on the local environment and the communities living nearby. Our solar farms don’t just produce clean renewable energy – they produce honey too! We create meadows beneath and around the solar panels by sowing local, native grasses and wildflowers to provide habitats and nectar for honey bees and other pollinators. We provide suitable beehive sites for both solitary and honey bees, and invite local beekeepers to establish apiaries inside the solar farm or on adjacent land. Tackling the climate and ecological crisis, together.  https://uk.edenrenewables.com/

Eden Renewals hive and solar panels in a field


Bringing Resources To Life. The world is changing. Once there was ‘waste’. Now society recognises that there are potentially valuable resources that we must all challenge ourselves to recover. By transforming domestic and commercial waste and recyclables into high quality raw materials and renewable energy Viridor is making a big contribution to improving the UK’s resource efficiency. https://www.viridor.co.uk/

Wadworth Brewery

Wadworth is an independent family regional brewer and pub company, which has been brewing beer in the beautiful market town of Devizes since 1875. Originally founded by Henry Alfred Wadworth, the business passed to his founding partner John Smith Bartholomew and is now in the fifth generation of ownership by the Bartholomew family, with Toby Bartholomew leading the company as Managing Director.

The brewery combines the tradition of craft beer with modern production techniques and systems, pub signs are still hand painted in our sign shop and the Wadworth shire horses deliver beer around the town most weeks of the year. Our brewery tap & shop, located on site at the brewery, is open throughout the week for beers and food, events, and takeaway beer and merchandise.

In addition to our family brewery we operate in excess of 150 pubs, many with rooms to stay, across the South West of England and London; all offering a warm welcome, down to earth hospitality and quality food and drink.

Wadworth is delighted to be sponsoring the The Wiltshire Bee and Honey Day. https://www.wadworth.co.uk/

Corsham Print

Corsham Print have been helping SMEs and the public sector grow their businesses with creative design, print and marketing solutions for over 40 years… and we are passionate about the power of print in todays overcrowded digital world. Servicing the South West and beyond, we’ve helped a countless number of businesses scale up with our customer focus attitude that really address their print, design and marketing needs. Taking away the headache of the creative process, allowing them to focus on running their organisations. https://www.corshamprint.co.uk/

2021 Show exhibitors

Barking Hen

Unique handmade jewellery inspired by nature with a quirky twist! Using traditional silversmith techniques partnered with a flair for the unusual, Tamara’s pieces have a delightfully quirky British sense of style. Her designs lay tribute to our wonderful British countryside and such is the care, focus and detail lent to all her pieces, no two are the same. http://www.barkinghenjewellery.co.uk/

Bee Happy Glass Designs

I handmake vibrant, contemporary fused glass for the home, garden and of course, yourself. Bees often make an appearance in my designs which include greeting cards with a keepsake, suncatchers, mobiles, games, dishes and clocks, to name a few – each unique piece being handcrafted in my ‘Hive’ in Bath. http://www.beehappyglassdesigns.co.uk

Candle Cavern Ltd

Established in 2009 to offer candles made from natural and renewable materials, We are candlemakers of (mainly) beeswax candles designed to develop/promote an interest to those seeking both quality performance and environmental sustainability in their candles. Our candles are designed to provide you with a natural alternative, created, sourced and manufactured here in the UK promoting British business and craftsmanship. www.candlecavern.co.uk

CPRE Wiltshire

CPRE is the Countryside Charity. We campaign for a beautiful and living countryside. We work to protect, promote and enhance our towns and countryside to make them better places to live, work and enjoy, and to ensure the countryside is protected for now and future generations. www.cprewiltshire.org.uk

Hive Originals

Handcrafted natural skincare using the honey & beeswax from Wiltshire hives. Products includes award winning hand balms, hand/foot creams, moisturisers, shampoos and more. www.hiveoriginals.co.uk

Pam Shellard Ceramics

Handmade earthenware pottery with a bee motif. Mugs, jugs, bowls, egg cups, vases, beeswax candles and holders, brooches, buttons, fridge magnets made by hand. Wheel thrown domestic ware. 

2021 Press coverage

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  • Wiltshire Life – From flower to toast and honey beer – September 2021 edition, p36, 2pp
  • A notice of the event on CPRE’s site
  • A mention in Eden Renewable’s regular newsletter
Article in Wiltshire Life – May ’21
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